Data Marketing Automation

Otomatek, our data marketing automation software, is in action again this month, helping Alila Ubud promote their beautiful property to travellers in Southeast Asia.

Click here to take a closer look at the Alila campaign.

Augmented Experience

Singapore. April, 2017. This video gives an introduction to our collaborative Augmented Reality project with EPSON, Eon Reality, Miaja Design and So Sofitel Singapore.


Why AR presents powerful publisher opportunities.

Modn's managing director Gregory Cornelius will speak at the FIPP World Congress in London this October. Greg will speak about emergent technologies such as IoT, AI and AR, and how they will impact the publishing industry.

Read the FIPP interview with Gregory ahead of his presentation.



Modn Media is caretaker of the Protiotype design science community that explores the connections between exponential technologies: Internet of Things, machine learning, and Augmented Reality.

IoT Asia Conference

Protiotype's Gregory Cornelius moderated a panel discussion at IoT Asia conference. The topic was AI, Augmented Reality, and the Future Workplace. Among other things, we discussed how IoT and AR are a perfect match; how AR can reinvigorate an aging workforce as remote workers; and debated whether AR needs a super-successful smart glasses to 'make the market'? Some of us said yes; some said no. The video of the panel discussion is here.


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